Roller shades are perhaps the most famous class of items for window coverings in homes for a decade. The following are 7 key reasons why:

  1. Roller Shades are flexible – they can be used for both little and huge windows, inside, outside, or end mount and single or twofold layers with invert roll.
  2. Roller shades have an ageless look – level, basic look guarantee it won’t ever become unpopular;
  3. Roller shades offer a heap of texture, finish, and example decision to match any stylistic layout;
  4. Roller shades are practical yet easy to work with. Manual control utilizes a basic nonstop circle rope or chain, or decision of cordless lift. A scope of robotization/mechanization options is likewise accessible;
  5. Roller shades give light control as far as light sifting, room obscuring or power outage relying upon texture decision;
  6. Roller shades match well with curtain for a total window covering answer for security, light control, and inside room stylistic theme;
  7. Roller shades are exceptionally practical and simple to keep up with. A fundamental roller shade can contrast well in cost with essential false wood level blinds. Furthermore, when you factor that roller shades have insignificant cleaning needs versus flat blinds that amass dust effectively, the all-out cost of responsibility for shades is a success versus different blinds and shades solutions.

Atlas Solar-Tex offers an extremely wide scope of up-to-date, in-pattern roller shades, with a scope of tape, lifting, and mechanization robotization options. We welcome you to reach us today and visit our display areas to investigate how roller shades fit into your home window covering stylistic layout.