When many people think of blinds, they think of roller blinds. These classic window coverings have remained popular for many years due to their timeless style and simplicity. In addition to being very effective at doing the things homeowners need from their window treatments (blocking light and protecting privacy), roller blinds are also easy to incorporate into virtually any room in your home, regardless of their color combination.

Buying roller blinds for your home through Atlas Solar-Tex is a simple process, but it’s important to keep a few things in mind before, during, and after placing your order. For example, we offer several varieties of roller blinds and each variety has its options, including valance type, lift type, and color choice. The installation method you choose can also affect both the look and function of your new roller blinds, so it’s important to know which method is right for your home.

Roller shutters are inexpensive at all ends of the spectrum.

Whether you’re looking to save money by covering your windows with high-quality blinds, or you’re ready to flaunt and get the best of the best, you can’t go wrong with our selection of roller blinds. Our luxurious roller blinds are available in varieties of room darkening, light filtering, blackout vinyl, and blackout fabric, while our premium models are priced higher but come with more options, including more color options and more texture options (blend of polyester or premium woven wood).

Roller blinds are easy to clean.

Unlike many types of shutters and blinds that feature pleats, slats, and shutters, roller blinds consist of a top rail and a solid piece of fabric or synthetic material that stretches the length of the window when fully extended. This means that these window coverings are not only less likely to collect dirt, dust, and pollen, but they are also easier to clean. A duster is very effective at removing most debris from even the dirtiest roller blinds, and most heavy cleaning jobs only require a damp rag and mild cleaning solution.

Roller blinds are perfect for rooms where you want to block outside light.

Although we also offer roller blinds that filter light and darken the room, we know that many homeowners want blinds that keep out sunlight and UV rays from the sun in some rooms. Whether you’re shopping for curtains for a bedroom, living room, home office, nursery, or playroom, our blackout roller blinds are the right choice. Among our deluxe designs, we offer blackout vinyl and textile roller blinds, with an additional fabric option available in our premium selection.

Roller blinds have free wireless options on Atlas Solar-Tex.

Wireless window treatments have several advantages over traditional cable-operated blinds and shutters. First, the lack of a lifting cable simply means that there is one less part of the window coverings that need potential repair or replacement. Anyone who has pets knows that they can be attracted to ropes and chains and that damage often results. Secondly, cordless options often look sleeker and more “integrated” into the window and room than cord and chain models. Finally, cordless shades are safer than corded models. While we provide free cable ties with all corded curtain purchases, many homeowners choose to go entirely wireless, especially in homes with young children.

Roller blinds require precise measurements for maximum privacy and light blocking.

Although roller blinds are popular for both their integrated appearance and their ability to screen/block light, they must be installed correctly to maximize their effectiveness. And proper installation begins with a thorough measurement process. If you are thinking of buying roller blinds, first decide if you want external support or internal support. As the name suggests, blinds mounted outside are installed with the top rail on the outside of the window frame. The curtains completely cover the entire window with extra fabric to further eliminate gaps and light leaks. This installation method is ideal for covering unsightly window frames and making windows appear larger.

Indoor-mounted blinds are installed traditionally with the top rail positioned flush within the confines of the window frame. As the risk of light leakage and escape increases with interior-mounted window treatments, it is important to obtain accurate measurements. Measure to the nearest eighth of an inch and do not round. In addition, you should also measure the width and height at various places on your window and record the largest measurement when you provide us with the dimensions.